Promoting the Study of Jurisprudence in Ireland

The following are among the peer-reviewed publications of jurisprudential writing originally presented at an Irish Jurisprudence Society event or the subject of an IJS workshop.


Eoin Daly, “The Ambiguous Reach of Constitutional Secularism in Republican France: Revisiting the Idea of Laïcité and Political Liberalism as Alternatives” (2012) 32 Oxford J Legal Studies 583


Desmond M Clarke, “Judicial reasoning: logic, authority, and the rule of law in Irish courts” (2011) 46 Irish Jurist 152


Bebhinn Donnelly, ‘The Figuring of Morality in Adjudication: Not so Special?’ 24 Ratio Juris 3, 2011.


Brian Flanagan, “Revisiting the Contribution of Literal Meaning to Legal Meaning” (2010) 30 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 255


Oran Doyle, “Legal Positivism, Natural Law and the Constitution” Dublin University Law Journal, 31, 1, 2009, 206 – 227


Tom Hickey, “Domination and the Hijab in Irish Schools” (2009) 31 Dublin University Law Journal 127